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Full Menu For RapidWeaver

Do you use UIKit, Foundation, or Foundry in combination with RapidWeaver? If so, you might be looking for a fresh new page navigation. Weaver's Kingdom [Archetypon] has just released Full Menu aimed at websites with no more than ten (10) pages. Full Menu is an interesting alternative to the default menu configurations for simple sites.

Full Menu adds a full page overlay displaying your site contents for navigation purposes and can optionally add page descriptions. Full Menu can be fixed at the top of the page, or scroll up out of sight when the page is scrolled. When activated via a choice of three different hamburger icons, it can fade in to cover your page, or drop down from the top of the page.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom
Just as with the default navigation, Full Menu can optionally display the site name, site logo and slogan. It can also display an additional stack of your choice – for a separate logo, for instance, or for a title (as above). It can also display an additional stack of your choice below the menu content. Interesting is the fact that the site logo can be displayed at sizes between 50 and 200px.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom

Full Menu is fully editable (it automatically uses the default paragraph font) so that the overlay background colour may be set to match that of your site and the font sizes and colours may be determined separately.

Full Menu – Weaver's Kingdom
Page descriptions for up to ten pages can be set individually and are displayed below each page link. As already stated, Full Menu is meant for simple websites, so sub-pages are not displayed as such.

Stack settings
Postion – Fixed, Scroll
Display – Default (hamburger right, slogan etc. left) Inverted (hamburger left, slogan etc. right)
Background – Transparent, Colour
Content – Logo & Titles, Logo & Custom Content

Type – Hamburger 1, Hamburger 2, Hamburger 3
Diameter – Hamburger line thickness
Buttons [Colour] – Open, Close
Background – Transparent, Colour

Size – 50px—200px
Title Desktop [Colour] – Link, Hover
Slogan [Colour]
Titles Mobile [Colour]

Overlay – Reveal, Slide Down
Transition Speed – Seconds 0—3 seconds
Content – Navigation & Dropzone, Dropzone Centred, Dropzone

Menu Items [Colour] – Link, Hover
Desktop Size
Mobile Size
Descriptions size – em
Colours – Link, Hover
Description – 1—10

Full Menu is an interesting alternative to the default UIKit, Foundation and Foundry default menus. It is likely to find widespread usage on more simple sites.


SelectNav for RapidWeaver

I have a page with multiple lightboxes and a dozen links to other pages and was looking for a way to add a list of links in the compactest possible way. Well here's a solution that just flattered into my mailbox – SelectNav from Stacks4Stacks.

SelectNav – Stacks4StacksSelectNav is a free stack that is very useful. It places a single button on your Stacks page that, when clicked, expands into a list of links. SelectNav is especially useful if you have a very long list of page links or downloadable resources that you need to present to your end users as an easily accessible menu which is compatible with all web browsers.
The button itself may be formatted to match the colours used on your page and the link list – which can contain groups of links – floats over the page content when opened.

SelectNav supports keyboard navigation, is ideal for positioning in your sidebar and even works when it is in a lightbox. The stack can be set to autofocus on page load so that hitting the spacebar, or the up/down keys will automatically open the menu.
Once on your page, you can add either an option group child to group your links, or a SelectNav Item. Adding child stacks to the option group automatically adds a selectable item.

SelectNav – Stacks4Stacks
Stack settings
Autofocus – Disabled by default
Disabled – Disables the menu
Link Behaviour – Links Open In The Current Window (default), Links Open In A New Window Or Tab
Background Colour
Border Colour
Button Colour
Border Radius
Icon – FontAwesome
Width – Button Width

SelectNav Item
Item Name
Item Link
Disabled Item – Disabled by default
Selected By Default – Disabled by default

As already mentioned SelectNav is a free stack that turns out to be very useful.


Explicit content in RapidWeaver

Warning: This post contains explicit content that is unsuitable for minors

Please confirm that you are over 18 years of age


You have chosen not to view this post, but I'm going to show it to you anyway!

Displaying content promoting alcohol, or tobacco to minors is prohibited in many countries. Sexually explicit content, or disturbing content is also [or should be] restricted, Certain content such as flashing lights, rapidly changing images, or even flashing links, can invoke epileptic seizures.
You should be able to warn your visitors that what they are about to view on your web page may be harmful in some way.

Explicit, from Doobox was released just a week ago and helps you warn your visitors that your content may not be appropriate for all viewers.

Explicit's setup is simple. Drop the stack onto your page, add the warning text of your choice. Drop in a stack that helps explain the warning with text and/or images and publish.
When your page is loaded, it will display a modal with a warning, your description and two buttons which will allow you to confirm that you wish to view the page's content, or to decline.

If you confirm, the hidden page will be displayed. If you decline, a message of your choice will be displayed. After a few seconds the page will then refresh to display the initial warning.

Explicit – Doobox

Stack settings
Modal – Background Colour, Popup Colour
Title – Text Colour, Background Colour
Accept – Icon Colour, Background Colour
Decline – Icon Colour, Background Colour
Never Show in RapidWeaver – Hide in preview mode
Decline Title
Decline Message.

There are two things to observe when using Explicit:
1 – I found that (at least on slow internet connections) the page content is momentarily displayed before the message appears, so it might be a good idea to position your explicit content below the fold.
2 – There is obviously no way of confirming that your visitor is, of course, actually of age, so those fourteen-year-olds are going to click 'yes, I want to see the naked ladies' and then discover that naked ladies aren't necessarily as attractive as they thought they might be,

Explicit is a simple stack that will warn visitors that the following content may not be suitable for them. It is not intended to confirm that a visitor is actually entitled to view the content.


Image Card. A Free Weavium Stack For RapidWeaver

We talked about Weavium yesterday. They are a relatively new stack developer with a few new, but really interesting stacks. Two days ago Image Card was announced as a free stack. I've taken a look at Image Card and while it is a very simple stack, it's also quite unique.

Image Card. What does it do? It displays an image with a colour overlay, a text and a link icon.
But it does the above in a unique way.
Supposing you have an image gallery, or a portfolio, or you'd like a navigation grid to other pages…
Drop Image Card into a Stacks page and add an image to it. You can add a colour overlay and a title, or a short text – link is already provided – and you have a cool link box to your new page. It is even animated – the whole card moves up, or down when hovered.
Images scale within Image Card, to fit the longest dimension. But as you are able to set the card's height, you can make adjustments to the image display.
Weavium Image Card

Stack settings

Fill Mode – Percent, Pixel
Percent/Pixel Width
Alignment – Left. Centre, Right
Image – Drag & Drop
Set Link

Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Height – px
Margin – Vertical, Horizontal
Padding – Vertical, Horizontal
Overlay Type – Gradient, Colour
Overlay Colours/Opacity
Drop Shadow

Hide Caption
Title Font – Choice of 14 Fonts + Custom
Font Weight
Mobile/Tablet/Desktop – Font Size, Line Height
Text Shadow

More Button
Hide Button
Button Size
Icon Size
Button Radius
Border Thickness
Hover Icon Colour

Hover FX
Overlay Opacity
Shift On Hover
Shift Amount (px)

That's a pretty impressive list of settings for such a simple looking stack and just goes to show how seriously Weavium takes their work.
What's more – Image Card is free!

Back To The Top

There are a number of stacks available that can add a button that will beam your visitor back to the top of a RapidWeaver Stacks page. RWExtras just published one with a difference. Apart from being extremely customisable, Back To Top lets you add the button to non-Stacks pages.

RWExtras Back To TopBack To Top is the stack that you'll need if you wish to build attractive buttons to send a user back to the top of a webpage, but don't want to use Photoshop to build sprites and don't want to do any complicated programming .
A choice of customisable options lets you create a button of just about any shape, size, position and colour. And a useful 'view generated source code' setting lets you copy the generated code quickly for reuse in non-Stack pages.

Stack settings

Back To Top General Settings
Placement - Fixed (default) Relative,
Position – Top/Bottom/Left/Right
Offset – Page scroll before active
Scroll Speed
Vertical (offset)

Back To Top Styling
Content – Font Awesome Icon
Content Colour (Normal/Hover)
Animation – Time ms
Font Size
Line Height
Border Radius
Sizing - Width/Height
Background – None, Colour Fill, Gradient Diagonal 1/2, Gradient Horizontal, Gradient Vertical (default), Gradiant Radial, Image (Dragged and Dropped), Image (Warehoused)
Top/Lower Fill – Normal/Hover
Border Weight
Border – Normal/Hover

The very first checkbox in the Settings panel is View Generated Source Code. When the checkbox is activated, the HTML, the CSS and the JS output for your button for your newly created button will be displayed in preview mode. A single click in any of these fields will allow you to copy the code necessary for your Back To Top button to be included within non-Stacks pages.

Without a doubt, a useful stack to have in your collection!


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