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Not An Ordinary 3-Column Stack

Flex3 from DeFliGra, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 5 out of 5. A three column stack with column widths that can be set individually.

In a more traditional world, a web page has one or two columns of information and, on the right, a sidebar. Look at this blog page, for instance.

On a responsive website the page becomes narrower when viewed on mobile devices, so that the designer will have to make decisions regarding the priority of information presented. Usually this means that the three column design will break and slide so that column two appears underneath column one; the sidebar is either switched off on a smartphone or it slides down to the bottom of the page, just above the footer. I've had customers call to tell me that they can't see their site's sidebar on a smartphone. Oh, it was there all right, they just hadn't scrolled far enough down the page.

There are occasions when the information contained within the sidebar is not of a secondary nature.
Flex3 from DeFliGra to the rescue …
Flex3 is a three column stack with column widths that can be set individually and let the third column slide into second position when a breakpoint is reached. It also has a floating middle column. If, for instance, you set all three  Flex3 columns to 30% as illustrated below, there will be ten percent left to account for. Flex3's middle column is a floating column, so you can decide to float it to the left – directly next to column one, with a gutter defined in pixels – to the right – directly next to column three, again with a pre-defined gutter, or centred between the two.
When the breakpoint is reached, i.e. when the page is viewed on a mobile device, the middle column then slides down and is displayed underneath column three.


A Breakpoint lets you define at exactly which viewport width the columns swap place and there is a setting 'Breakspace' which allows you to set a space at the bottom of the first and second column after the break has occurred. I hardly need to mention that CSS settings can be set for the container and for each column — that transpires with DeFliGra stacks as a matter of course.

You can set the maximum stack width for  Flex3, so that it doesn't need to be placed within a restraining stack. In fact, I can envisage complete pages being built with just this one stack for the main content. Which is probably what Tommy had in mind when he designed the stack.

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