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Split Headlines – Do Away With The Tedium

What started life as a simple Pizza Menu, slowly morphed into a full-blown stack with a myriad of setting options. Nothing unusual for Tommy at DeFliGra, he often gets tired of repetitively formatting text block for text block and thinks up a stack to automate the process instead.

Split Headline is just such a stack.
Let's stick with the Pizza Menu. We've all had those clients that, when you've presented the final page, changes his mind and wants different colours for the content. So you meticulously alter all of the colours to suit his new wishes and he decides that no, it shouldn't be red, white and blue after all, his is an italian restaurant; the colours should be green, white and red. so you start over. Two days later the client decides…

Split Headline is a stack that will allow you to define a master setting that will coordinate the settings of all slave instances of the stack. It's not the only DeFliGra stack that has master and slave stacks and they are a neat idea that can save you hours of tedious work.

Drop a Split Headline stack onto your page and you'll see an unusual looking stack with three 'add child' plus buttons. Essentially, Split Headline is a two column stack with a footer stack..
If we begin to compose our menu on the left, the first child button offers a choice of adding a Header, Text, Two Columns, Three Columns, or an Image (actually all three + buttons have the same options). So lets add a Header. Clicking the same button once more, you could add a text block that shares the first column. Click the right + button and you could add a second header and then an image. Clicking the middle + button will give you a child stack that fills the width of the Split Headline stack.

Split Headline
Add your content to Split Headline and format away to your heart's content – there are certainly enough options in the settings panel.
Once you're satisfied with the results, drop a Split Headline Servant stack onto your page, make sure that it has the same Paired ID as the master that you just formatted and add the same child stacks to it that your master has. Cool – they all have the same formatting and all you have to do now is add your content!

Split Headline
Stack settings.
No! No way! I refuse! If I have to go through all of the settings here, I'll still be working on this post next week – and you'll get bored reading it. Instead, I'm adding two screenshots to demonstrate what I mean.

Split Headline
See — you can literally spend hours playing with the individual settings. I assure you, however, that the settings panel looks a lot more complicated than it really is.
Suffice it to say that there is no aspect of the stack that can't be customised.

If you (don't we all?) have clients that insist on changing their minds countless times, you'll find Split Headline to be a blessing. But not only that, it can save you hours of tedious work on those more complicated pages.

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