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Author Your Own Web Cards in RapidWeaver

This morning a nifty new stack from 1LD, Author, flattered into my mailbox. Author answers a question that I was asked just recently: How do I build a Web Card? Of course, with the right combination of stacks, building a web card is simple, but you will need a number of stacks.
1LD Author

Author puts a face on your website without the work and saves you having to do all the careful positioning that multiple stacks would require. The face can even say "Hi" when hovered.
What Author can do: In addition to the face (or logo) Author can add a name and title to that face. It has child stacks for personal details 'List Items' and a stack container for 'Further Information'. Author then has an optional footer/sidebar, which has child stacks for social icons.

By default, Author creates your web card in landscape mode and automatically morphs to portrait mode on mobile devices. When adding content, the card will adjust to fit that content.

Once you have added your image and details, you can, with just a few clicks, begin to adjust the layout to your liking. Author's minimum width is 300px. As far as I could tell, there is no maximum width so, in theory, you could position Author as a page footer. Only two things prevent you from doing so: The image size can not be defined and grows proportionally to Author's width and even at its narrowest width, Author morphs into portrait format at tablet (portrait) size already; i.e. whilst Author is fully responsive it does not have any settings for breakpoints.
However – for the purpose it was intended – Author is perfect and there's nothing stopping you from dropping your finished web card into the footer as it is.

1LD Author
Stack settings

Author Settings
Profile Image – Add your image here. Profile images should be square. Non-square images are cropped and centered.
Name – Add a name or business name.
Title – Add an occupation or subtitle.
Hover Greeting – This greeting will display in a white chat bubble above the profile image when the card is hovered. Keep this value short in order to prevent the chat bubble from covering too much of the image.
Enable Hover Greeting – Disable this option to remove the “Hover Greeting”.

General Settings
Theme – Choose from 4 card layout themes.
Width – This will adjust the width of the card (The height is determined by the content you add to the card). If the container width is less than the width of the card, the card will adjust to fit inside the container. On mobile screens the card will automatically display in “Vertical Mode”.
Vertical Mode – Optionally display the card in a vertical orientation on all screen sizes.
Name Font – Optionally declare a custom font that will only effect the Name text.
Text Font – Optionally declare a custom font that will effect all text excluding the Name text.
Round Corners – Adjust the radius of the card corners.
Shadow – Choose from 6 predefined shadow styles.
Show Content – Show/Hide the “Drop Stacks Here” section of the card.
Show List Items – Show/Hide the “List Item” section of the card.
Show Footer – Show/Hide the footer that contains the social media icons.

Theme Styles
Round Profile Image – Enable/disable a round profile image. This option is only available in the “Standard” and “Solid” themes.
Text – Adjust the colors of the Name, Title, Content in the “Drop Stacks Here” section and “List Item” section, All the links contained on the card.
Background – Adjust the colors of the Main background (Except for the “Solid” theme), Footer gradient left (Background gradient left of the “Solid” theme), Footer gradient right (Background gradient right of the “Solid” theme), Dividers found above the “Drop Stacks Here” section and “List Item” section.

The information icons and the social icons are set to Fontawesome by default. 1LD's Fontawesome stack is included with Author, for themes that don't have Fontawesome enabled by default. Can't remember the name of the icon you want? The settings panel has a notable feature – right click the help text below the icon settings to be taken to the FA icons page (similarly, a link in the social icon child settings takes you directly to the brand icons).
Clicking the info child stacks opens up a settings panel which allows you to set the icon you prefer, or to disable the icon entirely.
Whilst Author automatically adds a Facebook icon to the footer/sidebar, the social child stack may be deleted simply by clicking and hitting delete. When you have added your Facebook, Twitter, etc. account details to the settings panel, clicking the icons will beam you to the page in question.

Author is a nice stack that takes hours of work out of building contact cards. I needed 9 separate stacks to reproduce the beveled card – and that was before adding social icons, or a shadow. Even then, though, it would take a lot of juggling for the result to be 100% responsive! I'm sure that a number of people will find Author useful.

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