Hijacking the Scroll Pane In RapidWeaver
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Hijacking the Scroll Pane In RapidWeaver

This one nearly got by unnoticed: If you purchased ScrollPane from Tsooj Media, you'll be pleased to hear that an updated version is now available on the Stacks4Stacks page.

After chatting with Will Woodgate, I know that he was reluctant to update ScrollPane, and for a week, or two, ScrollPane was even repurposed. However, Will has taken the existing customer base into consideration and – rather than hanging existing users out to dry – has decided to release an update after all.

For those of you that don't know ScrollPane, here's a rundown:

ScrollPane is a stack that allows you to alter the appearance of stacks that have content overflow and customise the scrollbar.
Now I personally hate it when my mouse cursor, or the page scrollbar are hi-jacked and suddenly appear in customised form on a website. And generally speaking, a customised scrollbar is frowned upon. However, there's a difference between hi-jacking the webpage scrollbar and the scrollbars of stacks that have overflow. I'm not against the latter and actually approve of ScrollPane.

ScrollPane allows you to customise overflowing containers to match the general appearance of your page, i.e. use the site's colour scheme and flat appearance, and/or match the scroll arrows to the [Mac] OS.

S4S ScrollPane
ScrollPane has been updated to take advantage of the Stacks 3 options and the settings panel has been tidied up. It's now a much neater stack than before.

Stack settings

General Settings
Gutter Margin – Amount of space (px) between the content and the scrollbar
Scroll Speed – Distance the pane travels (px) when arrow keys, or scroll wheel are used
Click Speed – Distance the pane travels (px) when the scroll arrows, or scroll pane is clicked
Pane Height – Total height of the ScrollPanel
Transparent Pane – active by default. When deactivated the ScrollPanel Background Colour can be set

Arrow Settings
Show Arrows – Default
Normal Arrow – Arrow Opacity between 1 and 61
Hover Arrow – Arrow Opacity between 1 and 61
Scroll On Arrow Hover
OS Style Arrow Position – both arrows below the scroll panel
Automatically Reinitialise – Reinitialise the stack every n milliseconds to compensate for mobile screen rotation, or false image size definition

Track & Drag Settings
Hide Track
Track Colour
Automatic Drag Height
[Manual] Drag Height – px
Drag [Colour] Normal
Drag [Colour] Hovered
Radius – px

Advanced Settings
Fade In ScrollPane
Fade In Delay – ms

With so many options for its configuration, ScrollPane can be matched to any webpage and makes truncated text attractive.

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