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A/B Testing Made Easy for RapidWeaver

We've all read about the advantages of A/B testing. Upload a landing page with a call to action and a week later swap it out for a different page; then check your statistics to see which was more successful. But be honest; put your hands up, those of you that have actually tired it. It's just too arduous. Well, now it isn't!

ABSplit, from Yuzool themes, is a new stack that randomly serves up two alternate versions of a page, or parts of a page. If you wish to test two different CTAs, just drop them into the ABSplit stack sections and publish. If you wish to test two completely different page design, construct one page inside the A section and the alternate page inside the B section.
When your page is published and viewed online, an alternate version will be randomly displayed each time your landing page is loaded.

ABSplit – YuzoolThemes
ABSplit has just a single setting in the stacks panel – Hide Tests – Show Both (default), Hide B Content, Hide A content. Hide Tests can hide either of your content areas in edit mode.

Now go forth and make your A/B testing work for you.

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