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Scribe – Better Typography in RapidWeaver

Typography was orphaned on 6 August 1991, when the internet was made public. Since that day, we’ve had to live with a deficient display of copy.
There has been advice given for improving the inadequacy, but although some solutions work, none of the solutions were simple to implement – until now, that is.

Scribe is BWD’s latest stack and it shows that it is, after all, possible to teach an old dog new tricks. Not only does Scribe improve your copy, but it’s flexible enough to build a complete webpage within a single stack – without even using a theme. Fewer stacks means better code and faster rendering times.

Scribe is a markdown stack, but no worries if, like me, you haven’t concerned yourself with markdown before; you can simply write your text as you normally would. Returns automatically create correctly spaced paragraphs. The result is an improvement over using standard paragraph stacks and you’ll need fewer stacks to to compose long passages with multiple paragraphs.

If you would, however, like to use markdown, basic formatting is simple enough:
‘#’ for instance will give you an h1 formatting. ‘##’ will result in an h2 etc. etc.

For more complicated content the Ulysses markdown app comes highly recommended. It’s simple to use and no Markdown knowledge is required.
Once finished, copy your content from Ulysses into Scribe and use Scribe’s child stacks to refine your text.

Andrew’s extensive demo pages will give you a far better idea of Scribe’s capabilities than I could ever give you here. Don’t just skim the pages, take your time. I assure you that when you’re finished, you’ll want to download both the stack and the demo project!

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