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Smart Lists in RapidWeaver

Lists can be a bit of a boring affair. RapidWeaver allows you to build ordered lists and unordered lists by default and even though there are a number of formatting options, there's not really anything special. Then, of course, lists are notoriously cumbersome and if a list needs to be reordered, it has to be rewritten. Jeroen has give the subject some thought and has come up with a new stack that changes everything you thought you knew about lists.

Marathia's SmartList2 is the most versatile list stack currently available for RapidWeaver and it's difficult to imagine how it could be improved!
Let's begin with the obvious: Ordered Lists. I gave up trying to count how many language options there are for ordered lists. Apart from the standard Arabic (with or without leading 0) and Roman numerals (upper and lower case), there are literally dozens of optional languages available, from Armenian, through Telugu to traditional Chinese; it should be noted, however, that not all browsers are created equal when it comes to language display (you may be able to guess which browsers have the biggest problems).
Unordered lists arrive with the standard bullet options, including dashes; go on to include special characters such as ¶, ß, or §, etc. but don't stop there. Special characters also include Font Awesome characters (4.7) and local, or warehoused images of your choice.

SmartList2 Marathia's StacksSmartList2 shows up on your RW page as a stack with child stack. The main stack gives you extensive options for the global formatting of your lists, whilst each List Item can be set to override the standard format as can be observed above. If you realise that your list needs reordering, you can simply move the child stacks around.

If you need to create lists for your website, there's nothing to beat SmartList2. You'll need a simple workaround for multiple level lists, otherwise it's perfect for the job.
SmartList2 does not replace version 1, it's an addition that can be used alongside the previous version. However, if you own the original SmartList Stacks set, you can save 50% when upgrading to this new version. Look for the discount code in the info panes of any of the SmartListWrapper Stack and apply that code at the checkout.

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