Facebook Likebox – The new social pop-up from 1LD
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Facebook Likebox – The new social pop-up from 1LD

Facebook Likebox, Review By Rob Hall, CEO at rjh Web Design Rating: 4 out of 5. Facebook Likebox is a popup that opens after the web page has loaded and provides a Facebook-like-button.

Promote your Facebook page and get likes with 1LD's Facebook Likebox stack


Jeremy and crew released a new social stack today. Facebook Likebox is a popup that opens after the web page has loaded and provides a Facebook-like-button. If required, the popup will also display mini thumbnails of your friends. Facebook Likebox is a simple and straight forward stack that was made on customer request.



Facebook id: Enter the id of the Facebook page.

Load every time: Make sure the like box opens up every time a user visits.

Show Friends: Have the option to have friends viewed in the like box.

Module Color: Select the color of the of the like box.

Shadow Color: Pick the color of the shadow accent on the box.

Module Delay: This allows you to delay the time it takes for the box to appear.

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